Dragon Vs Tiger Slots Which Creature Is Your Beast

If you’ve played Bikini Chaser, the main feature of this real cash slot is going to be very familiar to you, minus the half naked women of course. You see, SimplePlay like to keep their titles similar across the board, which is great if you like familiarity but pants if you don’t. We fall somewhere in between liking it and loathing it, and so seeing the two wilds feature show up again both irked us and surprised us in equal measures.

Basically, once you’ve inside the free games, you’ll be asked to pick one of two coins shown, both of which are wild icons; one is a tiger and the other a dragon. If your chosen symbol lands on the third reel (the only place it can appear in this section), the spins will indefinitely carry on. However, should the other icon take that place, you’ll now watch as a counter keeps track of your rounds, meaning they’ll soon come to an end.

Keep the Money Coming

Now that you’ve heard most of what the title entails, you need to decide how you want to proceed: go big or go home. You see, in Dragon tiger there’s a progressive jackpot up for grabs, a feature that is more likely to activate the higher your stake. This may seem unfair to those of you on a budget, but for high rollers it could mean a serious payday is headed your way.

Fortunately the maximum bet isn’t too costly, coming in at 60 credits. It sounds like a lot of money, in fact it is a lot of cash, but we promise you it’s not nearly as pricey as other slots out there. What is more, for that initial cost you’re one step closer to a payout that hits the 1,660,560 mark with ease.